KKmoon High Precision Digital DDS Dual-channel Function Signal/Arbitrary Waveform Generator 250MSa/s 8192*14bits Frequency Meter VCO Burst AM/PM/FM/ASK/FSK/PSK Modulation 60MHz

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This series of Dual-channel Function Signal Generators combines multiple functions in one, such as Function Signal Generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Pulse Generator, Analog/Digital Modulator, VCO, Sweep, Counter and Frequency Meter, etc. The instrument adopts the Direct Digital Synthesizer(DDS) technology and provides stable, precise, pure and low distortion signals. It's a great testing or measuring instrument for electronics engineers, electronic laboratory, teaching and researching. 

Adopt the Direct Digital Synthesizer(DDS) technology and provide stable, precise, pure and low distortion signals. 
2.4 inch TFT color LCD with 320*240 resolution, simultaneously display parameters and graphics of CH1 and CH2.
Use soft silicone keys instead of traditional patch keys, longer service life and more comfortable to operate the instrument.
Use 14-bit high-speed D/A converter chip(5Vpp output quantization error is less than 1mV), 250MSa/s sampling rate and 14bits vertical resolution.
Can output up to 98 groups of functions/arbitrary waveform: 34 groups of preset waveform and 64 groups of user-defined waveform.
Enable to store 64 arbitrary waveform data files, each one of waveform storage depth is 8192 points * 14bits.
Various Modulation Types: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK and PSK modulations.
Sweep Function: linear sweep and logarithmic sweep functions; 0.01s-999.99s sweep time; up, down and roundtrip sweep directions.  
VCO Function(Voltage Control Output): support VCO voltage control signal output function(such as voltage controlled oscillator).
Burst Output Function: there has manual trigger, internal CH2 trigger and external trigger for your options. It can output 1~1048575 pulse trains.
Frequency Meter Function: Max. frequency workable is 100MHz and Min. frequency workable is 0.01Hz.
Counter Function: 2 coupling measure modes including DC coupling and AC coupling.
Support two or more signal generators connected to achieve multi-channel output, the maximum support 16-channel synchronous output.
Completely independent dual channels output, synchronizing operation between channels.
The phase adjustment range of the two channels is 0~359.99°, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.01°.
With Digital Signal Output Function: it can realize any CMOS level with 0~10V amplitude.
Equipped with channel tracking function, when the tracking function is turned on, all parameters of both channels can be updated according to the user's configuration at the same time.
High Amplitude Resolution: the minimum amplitude resolution can reach 1mV, amplitude range is 1mVpp~20Vpp.
The duty cycle of each channel can be adjusted independently(0.01%-99.99%), with 0.01% resolution.
With -10V~+10V DC offset function (≤20MHz), resolution up to 1mV.
Storage Function: can save 20 groups of parameters set by the user and extract at any time.
Communication Function: all functions can be controlled by PC program and the communication protocol is open for secondary development.
Output Short-circuit Protection: all signal outputs can work under load short-circuit conditions 60S or more.
Arbitrary Waveform Editing Function: user can edit arbitrary waveform on PC and then download to output from the instrument.

Frequency Parameters
Sine Wave(Optional) 0Hz~20MHz 0Hz~30MHz 0Hz~40MHz 0Hz~60MHz
Square Wave 0Hz~15MHz 0Hz~25MHz
Triangle Wave 0Hz~10MHz
Pulse Wave
Arbitrary Waveform
Min. Pulse Width 20ns(All models of pulse wave minimum width can reach 20ns)
Min. Resolution 1μHz
Frequency Accuracy +/-20ppm
Frequency Stability +/-1ppm/3 Hours
Waveform Parameters
Waveform Types Sine, Square (Duty Cycle adjustable), Pulse (Pulse width and cycle time can be set accurately), Triangle/Ramp, Sawtooth Wave, CMOS, Four channels TTL, DC, Half wave, Full wave, Positive Step, Inverse Step, Positive Exponent, Inverse Exponent, Lorenz Pulse, Multitone, Noise, ECG, Trapezoidal Pulse, Sinc Pulse, Narrow Pulse, Gauss White Noise, AM, FM, and other 64 sets customer-defined waveform
Waveform Length 8192 points * 14bits
Sampling Rate 250MSa/s
Vertical Resolution 14 Bits
Sine Harmonic Suppression ≥50dBc(<1MHz); ≥45dBc(1MHz~20MHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.5% (20Hz~20kHz,0dBm)
Square Rise/Fall Time ≤7ns(VPP<5V)
Overshoot ≤5%
Duty Cycle 0.01%~99.99% (Resolution 0.01%)
Sawtooth Wave Linearity >99% (0.01Hz~10kHz)
Output Parameters
Amplitude(VPP) Frequency≤10MHz: 1mVpp~20Vpp; 10MHz<Frequency≤20MHz: 1mVpp~10Vpp; Frequency>20MHz: 1mVpp~5Vpp
Resolution 1mV
Amplitude Stability +/-0.5% / 5 Hours
Amplitude Flatness +/-2.5%(<10MHz); +/-5%(>10MHz)
Waveform Output
Impedance 50Ω +/-10% (Typical)
Protection All channels can work more than 60s under load short-circuit condition
DC Offset
Offset Range Frequency≤20MHz: +/-10V; Frequency>20MHz: +/-2.5V
Offset Resolution 1mV
Phase Parameters
Phase Range 0~359.99°
Phase Resolution 0.01°
TTL Output
TTL Level Amplitude >3Vpp
Fan-out >8 TTL LOAD
Rise/Fall Time ≤10ns
COMS Output
Low Electric Level <0.3V
High Electric Level 1V~10V
Rise/Fall Time ≤18ns
Frequency Meter Function
Function Frequency, Period, Positive/Negative Pulse Width, Duty Cycle
Input Voltage Range 1Vpp~20Vpp
Frequency Meter Range: 0.01Hz~100MHz; Resolution: 0.01Hz; Sensibility: Gate Time 3 Grades (1S, 10S, 100S) Adjustable
Counter Function
Counting Range 0~4294967295
Coupling Mode 2 Kinds of Coupling Modes: DC and AC
Counting Mode Manual Operation
Sweep Function
Carrier Waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, Arbitrary (except DC)
Sweep Type Linear Sweep or Logarithm Sweep
Sweep Direction Up, Down and Roundtrip Sweep Directions
Sweep Time 0.01s-999.99s/Step
Sweep Objects Frequency, Amplitude, Offset, Duty Cycle

Setting Range Starting Position and Finishing Position can be set arbitrarily
Sweep Range Decided by Parameters Setting
VCO Function(Voltage Control Output)
Modulation Signal Range to Input 0~5V
VCO Signal Frequency Range 0-2000Hz
VCO Control Object Voltage Controlling Frequency(VCF), Voltage Controlling Amplitude(VCA), Voltage Controlling Offset, Voltage Controlling Duty Cycle
VCO Special Function Can Amplitude Modulate(AM) or Frequency Modulate(FM) by external analog signal
Modulation Function
Modulation Type AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK
Carrier Waveform Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Arbitrary Waveform (except DC)
Source Internal (CH2) / External (VCO IN Port)
Modulating Waveform Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Arbitrary Waveform
Depth 0% to 120%
Modulating Frequency Internal : 1μHz~1MHz;  External: 1μHz~2KHz
Source Internal (CH2) / External (VCO IN Port)
Modulating Waveform Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Arbitrary Waveform
Modulating Frequency Internal : 1μHz~1MHz;  External: 1μHz~2KHz
Source Internal (CH2) / External (VCO IN Port)
Modulating Waveform Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Arbitrary Waveform
Phase Deviation 0° to 360°
Modulating Frequency Internal : 1μHz~1MHz;  External: 1μHz~2KHz
Source Internal (CH2), External (ASK IN Port), Manual
Modulating Waveform Square with 50% Duty Cycle
Key Frequency 1μHz~10MHz
Source Internal (CH2), External (FSK IN Port), Manual
Modulating Waveform Square with 50% Duty Cycle
Key Frequency 1μHz~10MHz
Source Internal (CH2), External (PSK IN Port), Manual
Modulating Waveform Square with 50% Duty Cycle
Key Frequency 1μHz~10MHz
Burst Function
Carrier Waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, Arbitrary (except DC)
Burst Count 1~1048575
Trigger Source Manual, Internal, External (AC/DC)
General Parameters
Display Type 2.4 inch TFT Color LCD
Save & Load Amount 20
Position 01 to 20 (01 for start default value)
Interface Interface Type USB Serial Interface
Communication Rate 115200bps
Communication Protocol Command Line Mode, providing communication protocols
Technic SMD, LSI, Reliable and Durable
Buzzer Can be turned on/off by setting
Power Supply Plug Type(Optional) US Plug / EU Plug / UK Plug
Power Voltage Range AC100V~240V
Environmental Conditions Temperature: 0°C~40°C; Humidity: <80%
Size 200 * 190 * 72mm / 7.87 * 7.48 * 2.83in
Weight 616g / 21.75oz
Package Size 27 * 21 * 9.5cm / 10.63 * 8.27 * 3.74in
Package Weight 1094-1124g / 38.62-39.65oz

Package List:
1 * DDS Signal Generator
1 * Power Cable
1 * USB Data Cable
1 * BNC-BNC Cable 
2 * BNC-Clip Cable